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PenPartner is an application which acts as an input handler for the Wacom tablets. It is able to emulate the mouse and may also emulate the mouse buttons.

PenPartner was previously designed only for PenPartner tablets, and is now a misnommed application because support for other Wacom IV style tablets (A3, A4, A5, ArtPad) has been added.

For more informations, you may get the guide documentation.


The last publicly available release can be downloaded right here.


PenPartner V1.3b (2000/09/16)

  • documentation updates
PenPartner V1.3 (1999/07/07)
  • eraser support (may acts as right mouse button)
  • relative moves option added (as when you lift up your real mouse)
  • support of other Wacom IV style tablets: A3, A4, A5, ArtPad
PenPartner V1.2 (1999/05/10)
  • true mouse move events can be enabled
  • more system friendly event generator
  • some internal cleanup
  • receive serial buffer has been setup to 2048 bytes instead of relying on what has been setup by the serial preferences
PenPartner V1.1 (1999/05/01)
  • may be started either by CLI or Workbench
  • CLI -k option suppressed
  • intuition old/new tablet events support with pressure
  • mouse buttons emulation can be disabled
PenPartner V1.0
  • First publicly available release

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