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Grimm is an Image Processor. It has been build up from many utilities I wrote since the end of 1992, when first AGA machines appear. It has now reached a high level of features, speed and quality. Grimm includes also some neat animation stuff and an MPEG encoder.

Some local screen shoots are provided to give you an idea of the features.

For more informations on Grimm , you may get the guide documentation.


The last publicly available release can be downloaded right here.


  • Color balance in RGB or YUV color space, including histogram functions, gamma, linear or spline based transfer curves for each channel
  • Color reduction in RGB or YUV color space, including various palette computation, dithering and HAM8 support
  • Convolution filters of 3x3, 5x5 or 7x7 matrix in RGB or YUV color space with channel selection
  • Palette editor and generator
  • Convert using flip, border, crop, magic wand, pixel aspect or resampling operations
  • Effect such as oil paint, mosaic, posterization or sphere
  • Distort with shear, rotate, bend, or spline based deformations
  • Filter with minimum, median or maximum filters
most of the above features may be used to build animations
  • Window or Screen based preview keeping pixel aspect integrity and using ordered dithering, grey scale, HAM8 or multicolor display methods
  • Turbo window drawing on OCS/ECS/AGA chipsets using a dynamic screen depth method
  • System friendly alien graphic cards are supported
  • Batch mode for easy color and file format conversions
  • Batch mode for easy images to animation conversion

File formats


  • BMP WIN-OS/2-RLE with 4/8 and 24 bits per pixel
  • CIF raw CIF image in YUV 4:2:0
  • CCIR raw CCIR601 image in YUV 4:2:2
  • DSF (no usage since it is my own format)
  • FBM from the Fuzzy BitMap package
  • GIF either 87 or 89 non interlaced first image
  • IFF 1-8,24 bits and HAM standart IFF PBM, SHAM or sliced, RGB8 and RGBN, and DEEP images
  • JPG JFIF color files
  • PCD PhotoCD Base/16, Base/4 & Base images
  • PCX 1/4/8/24 bits files
  • PNG
  • P?M binary or ascii from the PBMPLUS library
  • QRT from DKB or POV ray tracer
  • SUN 8/24/32 bits raster files
  • TGA 8/15/16/24/32 non interlaced top rastered Targa files
  • TIF 8/24 uncompressed colormapped or true color 8 bits/gun (CMYK, LZW files not yet implemented)
  • IFF ILBM 1-8, 24 bits and HAM8, 24 bits DEEP (file & clipboard)
  • BMP 8 or 24 bits
  • JPG JFIF color files
  • PNG
  • TGA 8 or 24 bits
  • TIF 8 or 24 bits
  • PPM 24 bits P6
animation saving
  • IFF opcode choice of 5, 7W, 7L, 8W or 8L in 1-8 bits or HAM8
  • FLC Autodesk Animator file format
  • MPEG MPEG1 video stream

Screen shoots

Here follows some images which have been tortured by Grimm. Despite the fact there are here only few of them, you can do much more ...


emboss luma

add red chroma

remove red chroma

custom distort 1

custom distort 2







bend Y




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