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Hello visitor !

These pages have been set up for people, who like me, are using, what is called today, alternative systems. One of them is called Amiga, and I'm using it, now, since 1989 and still quite happy with it. You will find here some programs I've done for this platform.

And best of all, all these programs are freeware, however, I have to state that all of this has no warranty at all, and that you are using these programs at your own risks, and if anything goes wrong, it's your fault, not mine, etc ... If you disagree, don't even try to download anything from here.

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Site history:

2001/03/19 - new Xami release 0.4

2001/02/15 - new Xami release 0.3

2000/11/20 - new Xami release 0.2

2000/10/01 - Site resurection and updated at, please update yor bookmarks.
Brand new stuff is an Amiga X11 server !

2000/03/28 - new Avnc release 0.6

1999/11/19 - new MSD95 release 1.5

1999/11/16 - new MSD95 release 1.4

1999/10/26 - new VVA release 0.9.5

1999/09/06 - new VVA release 0.9.4

1999/08/16 - site officially moved to

1999/07/12 - new Win95 filesystem handler release 1.3, new Wacom PenPartner tablet driver release 1.3, new VVA release 0.9.2, new site layout

1999/05/27 - new Win95 filesystem handler release 1.2

1999/05/10 - new Wacom PenPartner tablet driver release 1.2

1999/05/01 - new Wacom PenPartner tablet driver release 1.1

1999/04/19 - new VVA release 0.9.1

1999/04/17 - new VVA release 0.9.0 and added site stats

1999/04/01 (No April Joke !)) - new Wacom PenPartner tablet driver, automated translation and updated site layout

1999/03/24 - images samples added on Grimm page

1999/03/21 - new pages and site organization, new VVA release, Grimm release can be downloaded

1999/03/07 - site creation

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