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VVA stands for "VNC Viewer for Amiga", so you may wonder what is VNC, right? VNC is an acronym for Virtual Network Computing. VNC consists of a pair of client and server, when a VNC server is running on a computer, a remote client can connect to it and see the remote display and at the same time, use his local keyboard/mouse to control the remote computer. This acts pretty much as an X11 server and an X11 terminal without the session layer.

The VVA release on this site is a derivated work of the original VVA made by Joerg Dietrich. Since he was off the net for a while, I took over the project and made some changes.

For more informations on VNC, you may have a look at the VNC site. Some local screen shoots are also available.

For more informations on VVA , you may get the guide documentation.

An experimental Amiga VNC server has been done by Stephane Guillard and can be found on Aminet (search for AmiVNC). Many thanks to him for providing the first Amiga VNC server.

I also made an experimental very fast VNC server which is tied to Picasso96, this one can be found right here on this site.


The last publicly available release can be downloaded right here.


New in V0.9.6

  • added some network buffering for less latency
  • documentation updates
New in V0.9.5
  • 16 bits depth on PIP had sometimes strange colors
  • some encoding changes for CTRL and ALT-SHIFT keys combinations (this should fix some reported problems with some Un*x servers)
  • 16 and 32 bits support for both Workbench and private screens (using 16BITS or 32BITS options means VVA requests 16 or 32 bits depth graphics data from from the VNC server that can be display on a 15/16 or 24/32 bits Workbench or private screen)
New in V0.9.4
  • new 32BITS tooltype and CLI option for 32 bits support on Workbench
  • new 16BITS tooltype and CLI option for 16 bits support on WB and PIP
  • new NOBORDER tooltype and CLI option to remove window border on WB
  • new BACKDROP tooltype and CLI option for backdrop window on WB
  • fixed V0.9.2 bug which made some crash in certain conditions
New in V0.9.2
  • when using PIP with P96 on 8 bits screen, 16 bits PIP is now used
  • few speed improvements on 8 bits screens
  • paste to remote server shortkey (Right-Amiga-C, sends clipboard unit 0)
  • middle mouse button event send when clicking left mouse button with the Right-Amiga key down
  • window to back shortkey (Right-Amiga-B)
  • window to front shortkey (Right-Amiga-F)
  • keys formed using dead keys such as are handled (warning: some remote VNC servers or applications ignore them)
  • top keys on the numeric keyboard are handled
New in V0.9.1
  • clipboard from remote server is REALLY copied in local clipboard unit 0
New in V0.9.0
  • new SHAREDPENS tooltype and CLI option (for window mode on 8 bits screens)
  • works now on 8/15/16/24/32 bits depth screen with Picasso96 or CyberGraphics
  • iconify hotkey (Right-Amiga H)
  • quit hotkey (Right-Amiga Q)
  • clipboard from remote server is copied in local clipboard unit 0
  • project icons to launch vva are supported
  • raised version number to 0.9.0 since 1.0 is pretty near
New in V0.2.1
  • Help key acts now as a NumLock key (status shown on PIP window)
  • when clicking outside PIP the mouse event is not send to server
  • CTRL-C disabled for PC remote cut'n'paste (still not working)
  • new RTGONLY tooltype and CLI option (force P96 screen modes)
  • new WINDOW tooltype and CLI option (force window display on public screen)
  • recompiled for 68020
New in V0.2.0 since original release
  • keyboard is now working
  • running on WB 3.0 is now working
  • PIP support when used with Picasso96 (PIP tooltype or PIP CLI option)
  • compiled for 68040 CPU's

Screen shoots

One VVA session in window mode on Amiga,
controlling a remote Win box

full size image (1024x768) 184k

Two VVA sessions in window mode on Amiga,
first one controlling a remote Amiga,
second one controlling a Linux box !

full size image (1024x768) 76k

VVA in window mode on Amiga controlling a remote PC,
which controls a remote iMac using Timbuktu !

full size image (1152x900) 46k

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