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MSD95 is a filesystem handler for Amiga. It is an application which is able to read PC style partitions table from a Hard Disk and to mount one of them as a real disk on the Amiga. Support for PC floppies disks has also been added starting from version 1.4.

This is the same kind of thing that CrossDOS performs.

For more informations, you may get the guide documentation.


The last publicly available release can be downloaded right here.


MSD95 V1.6 (2000/09/16)

  • real long names may be used up to 106 chars
  • data and directories cache sizes may be specified
MSD95 V1.5 (1999/11/19)
  • partitions type 0x0e are supported (as FAT32 0x0b). This should handle more reported cases where some partitions were not mountable
  • FAT is now read by blocks of 32k instead of 1k as in V1.4
MSD95 V1.4 (1999/11/16)
    this version add support for FAT12 and floppy disks and is supposed to fix all known bugs, most notably:
  • read failure when reading the FAT on some disk devices
  • mount problems for disk w/o volume names or volume name not at start of root directory
  • more speed when reading file contents
MSD95 V1.3 (1999/07/06)
  • more informations about the disk with the -i option
MSD95 V1.2 (1999/05/27)
  • partitions type 0x0c are supported (as FAT32 0x0b). This should handle reported cases where some FAT32 partitions were not mountable
MSD95 V1.1 (1999/03/07)
  • first publicly available release

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