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Avnc is a brand new VNC server for Amiga.

VNC is an acronym for Virtual Network Computing. VNC consists of a pair of client and server. When a VNC server is running on a computer, a remote client can connect to it and see the remote display and at the same time, use his local keyboard/mouse to control the remote computer. This acts pretty much as an X11 server and an X11 terminal without the session layer.

For more informations on VNC, have a look at the VNC site. Some local screen shoots are also available.

Program informations

There is already a VNC server for Amiga. It was done by by Stephane Guillard and can be found on Aminet (search for AmiVNC). Thanks to him for providing the first VNC server.

However, the AmiVNC server is very CPU intensive because it keeps polling the screen memory, comparing it to a delta buffer in order to detect screen changes.

The approach taken with Avnc is very different. The Avnc server uses a special Picasso96 card driver which acts as a frame buffer. It is then able to get informations on rectangles that have been changed on the screen. Then, a second stage is used, taking advantage of the MMU to keep track of undetected screen changes from the driver. The result is a much faster VNC server.

For more informations on Avnc , you may get the documentation.


The last publicly available release can be downloaded right here.


  • WB 3.0 and up
  • CPU 68040 or 68060 with working MMU
  • Picasso96 RTG system (NO, it will not work with Cybergraphics)
  • TCP/IP stack
and a VNC client.

An Amiga VNC client may be found right here on this site.


Please read the doc in the archive ! I know it is for now quite short and minimal, but at least, read it.

Screen shoots

Avnc and VVA in action:
Amiga VNC server seen from a Linux box,
a VNC client is running on the Amiga showing
a VNC server on the same Linux box

full size image (1024x768) 115k

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